What are you working for?

The answer may surprise you.

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The Weekly Tone

Okay, back to the show.

Picture this: I was standing outside my neighborhood coffee shop, sipping on my trademark shot of espresso, when a friend casually asked me, "Why do you work so hard?" It seemed like a simple question, but it caught me off guard. I searched for an answer, and what came out surprised even me.

Holy crap, why do I work so hard?

Luxury trips to exotic destinations, group dinners with friends at home around fancy furniture, and exhilarating rides around the country in an exotic car with a companion – these were some of the experiences that immediately popped into my mind. But as I reflected on my response, I realized something profound – these were all social activities.

In my pursuit of success and financial freedom, I had unintentionally pushed away the very thing that fueled my motivation – human connection. The conundrum was clear: I was working to be social, yet I had been sacrificing social interactions to work harder.


This realization hit me like a lightning bolt. How could I possibly achieve true success if I neglected the relationships that brought fulfillment and joy to my life? It became crystal clear that something needed to change.

I made a conscious decision to embrace the social side of success. No longer would I allow work to consume every waking hour and deprive me of meaningful connections with those around me.

I started by scheduling a Nuit Blanche (white clothing-themed party) on my roof (move over P Diddy!) and creating pockets of time dedicated solely to strengthening these bonds throughout the week. It wasn't just about the luxury trips or extravagant experiences; it was about cherishing quality time, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and sharing a good laugh.

Interestingly enough, this shift in mindset doesn't hinder my progress toward success. Instead, it seemed to propel me forward. By prioritizing my social connections, I found renewed inspiration and motivation. The support and encouragement from those closest to me became a catalyst for growth in both my personal and professional life.

As I immersed myself in these social experiences, I discovered that they brought a fresh perspective to my work. Collaborative brainstorming sessions with friends sparked new ideas and unlocked innovative solutions. The wisdom shared over my group dinner offered valuable insights into markets. And the joy experienced during adventures with loved ones fueled my drive to achieve even greater milestones.

I keep reaffirming that success isn't just about purely financial achievements or material possessions; it's about creating a marriage between meaningful work and the social fabric of life. By embracing the social side of success, I am not only finding fulfillment but also creating an environment that nurtures growth and propels me toward my goals faster than ever before.

So, let me ask you: have you been neglecting the social aspects of your journey? Are you missing out on quality time with loved ones because work consumes your every waking moment? Perhaps your priorities are entirely different than mine. It's time to reflect on what truly matters in life and make a conscious effort to prioritize those connections.

Remember, success is not just about what you accomplish but also about the relationships you cultivate along the way.

Go ahead, plan that group dinner, take that luxury trip, or simply spend an evening laughing with loved ones – because in the end, these are the moments that truly enrich our lives and accelerate our path to success.

What are you working for?

This week, I'm taking meetings in Chicago, IL.

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