🧠 Thinking sprints.

Compound brainpower.

Hello again, Squad.

The Really Rich Journal

There is a creative solution to every problem. Every possibility holds the promise of abundance.

Deepak Chopra

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The Weekly Tone

Plotting out the week with a strategy and a to-do list?

Cute. That will only get you so far.

But if you want to play chess while others play checkers, it's all about that one question you're probably avoiding: "How can I be better today—in a way I haven’t thought about before?"

It has to be brand spanking new.

No, you can’t get away with reusing old strategy or something you saw on TikTok.

We're not talking about burning the midnight oil here. This is about cranking up the dial on your brainpower and finding that one nifty trick each day that makes you look like a genius. It's about being the smartest person in the room, not the busiest bee in the hive.

Let's break it down:

🔍 Daily Reflection:

Take a few minutes every day to look back at your so-called accomplishments. What rocked? What flopped? This isn't self-pity; it's self-improvement with style.

🧠 Provoke Your Brain:

Ask yourself the hard-hitting questions like, "How can I make this less of a headache?" or "What's the laziest way to get this done effectively?" What is driving me nuts right now?” “If I want $100,000 what plan gets me to $1,000,000?”

Let's face it, working smarter is a stupid buzzword but the only way to make progress—opening your mind creatively and applying the discoveries is true leverage.

✨ Creative Genius Hour:

Let your brain off its leash and let it run wild. The best ideas are like those weird dreams—bizarre but brilliant. Mix and match your thoughts like you're the DJ of your own life playing a club in Ibiza.

🔄 Friday Face-Off:

When the week's winding down, it's time to throw down a review session. Toast to your wins, no matter how tiny, and sniff out the clues that'll make next week's game plan even better. Then, setup Monday in advance while the ideas are flowing.

📈 The Underlying Compound Interest:

One clever tweak a week seems like nothing, right? Wrong. Stack 52 of those bad boys over a year, and you're not just climbing the ladder—you're taking the elevator to the top floor.

What's your brainy move going to be today? How will you turn this week into your personal playground of progress?

💰 R/RR

Rich: I can’t figure it out—I’ll accept it for what it is.

Really Rich: I’ll chew it over until I find a way.

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