Written in a tuxedo.

The seasons should move you.

Hello again, Squad.

The Really Rich Journal

When the seasons shift, even the subtle beginning, the scent of a promised change, I feel something stir inside me. Hopefulness? Gratitude? Openness? Whatever it is, it's welcome.

Kristin Armstrong

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The Weekly Tone

I’m on a flight pointed towards New York. My fingers glide across the keyboard, the airplane hums, and the city lights sparkle in the distance like a million dreams. It's that time of year again. The season of change, of transformation, of letting go and welcoming the new.

The filet mignon of autumn.

As far as I’m concerned, following Halloween, it’s the beginning of the holiday season in all its expensive, time-consuming, hassle-prone, and ridiculous glory.

Beyond a few work-related checkboxes to check, I’m headed to a black tie charity event that I make a special trip for every year. I can already see the twinkling lights, the flowing champagne, the laughter ringing through the grand halls. If that's not a manifestation of seizing the season, I'm not sure what is. But let me tell you something, these events are about more than just the fancy trappings.

As I look out the plane window at the cityscape, it reminds me of the importance of embracing seasonal change. Not just in our wardrobes or our Starbucks orders, but in our work, our creative process, and in our approach to life.

Seasonal changes, much like the transformational journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly, are a necessary part of our evolution. They challenge us, they push us beyond our comfort zones, they force us to adapt, to innovate, to shed our old skin and to forge new, exciting paths.

And sometimes, these new paths can lead us straight to a pot of gold.

Because with new seasons come new ideas, fresh perspectives, and unparalleled opportunities for growth. And let's not forget, growth often means more money. But more than that, it means evolving as an entrepreneur, adapting to the marketplace, and becoming a master of your craft.

Stagnancy is the enemy of innovation. Identical routines day-in-day-out can lead to a creative rut. You can grind yourself out of business.

But the seasons? They never stay the same (Los Angeles has left the chat). They constantly evolve, and in doing so, they inspire us to evolve along with them.

Therefore, as we tread deeper into the holiday season, I urge you to not just tolerate the change but to celebrate it. Throw on the festive attire, make a toast, and welcome the icy winds with open arms—if your city doesn’t have icy winds, consider a special trip.

I seriously distrust people who are afraid of the cold.

The seasonal change, the expensive parties, the time-consuming gift hunts, the ridiculous holiday traditions—it's in these moments that we truly live, that we create memories, and that we allow the seasonal winds to breathe new life into our creativity and zest for life.

Make it your own.

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