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The Weekly Tone

This weekend, I met a brilliant lawyer whose actual dream was to float around on a fishing boat in Mexico—not pick apart bankrupt companies. He worried he’d never be able to experience it before he retired.

His fears were justified. In his current rhythm, he’d never get there.

In geometry terms, the vector pointed at a wholly different direction. Maybe he’d get two weeks in December if he was lucky.

Of course, this was me earlier in life—at one point on the trading floor, taking a bathroom break cost me real money—in the thousands of dollars.

Anyone want to sign up for that?

Staying in a job you dislike corrodes your happiness and, subsequently, your health. Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue - all of these have a root in your daily dissatisfaction.

This is real.

Of course, your existence is finite - so why waste it being miserable in the “safe” zone? You're harboring discontent and frustration deep within you that might surface in unforeseen ways.

You can always fail at what you hate. When I first entered the workforce, I shadowed another young trader from Cornell who’d been with the bank for two years. They fired him for no apparent reason without notice as our desk took on new heads from a bank we acquired.

That never escaped me.

Taking the leap into the unknown (how I call entrepreneurship), doing what you truly love, grants you a sense of purpose, a mission. It provides immeasurable joy, which far outweighs any momentary discomforts, societal judgements, or financial stumble blocks. I can't promise the journey will be smooth sailing.

But, when you get it right, the rewards are exponential—wealth beyond anything that you’d get paid as a high salary earner.

Remember, invention stems from discomfort and not from complacency. The greatest creations have been born out of non-conformity and rebellion against societal norms.

Choosing to follow your heart may not be the easiest way. It may even seem like the dangerous pathway amidst the thickets. But remember, that’s where real growth happens. That's where you transcend from mere existence to truly living.

Remember, you are not your profession. Your worth is not determined by your title or paycheck. You are a compendium of experiences, dreams, & aspirations.

As we embark on this path of living out our dreams, we might stumble, they might call us crazy (as many did to me), and there may not be a clear path to success. I am not preaching recklessness, but rather measured courage. Thorough research, calculated risks, and relentless dedication can take you towards your goal.

So, dear fellow entrepreneur, dreamer, and trailblazer, if there is a passion burning within you, consider it a sign from the universe. Listen to it. Don’t let your dreams be suffocated by the mundane and mediocre.

Every option is dangerous in our reality—none without risk and unknowns. Why not ditch the safe route and forge your own path, even in a small way?

You are always within an uncharted terrain waiting to be explored.

I'll see you along the trail.

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