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send them villains at us, we ain't scared of action.

“Superhero Status”, Nas

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The Weekly Tone

The story of my career is mostly failure.

Meaning: the majority of things I’ve tried just didn’t work.

They blew up at the last second. Didn’t quite take off. Painfully crumbled into pieces. I spent seven years on a trading floor when I should have taken action somewhere else.

Then, I had to start over completely.

However, a few things—the vast minority—worked. And they all contained something special.

I call it the variable m (for “magic”).

Like creating a TikTok in your kitchen that now means you get to high five strangers twice a day on the street.

The variable m (or just m as I’ll say going forward) is a funny, unexplainable thing. But, it’s phenomenally valuable.

Right as FastOutreach.ai was going out of business for the third—yes—third time, I got a DM on Instagram from my now-CTO and Co-Founder who has so brilliantly brought our lofty vision to life.


Now the vision needed to be translated to new customers. We didn’t have that skill despite my large audience on social media.


I sat tossing a few ideas around in my head. Perhaps my childhood friend who’s been running sales teams for fifteen years would be interested. He was. He suggested some product tweaks. And started selling for us as an experiment. He closed two customers in two days (big ones). It’s working.

m again.

m has a place in the things that really should work out. The things that are uniquely yours to enjoy. When there’s no m, there’s only moderate success—oftentimes none at all. There’s no cigar, as far as the phrase goes.

the right action x m = enormous rewards

m isn’t luck. You already have to be in the game to experience m. It’s not a lotto ticket.

You can’t multiply bullshit by m and get anything out of it.

You can’t control for m. It’s elusive. It only shows up a few times in your life. But when you see it happening—you should pay attention. There’s a deeper truth unfolding to whatever it is you’re doing.

It means you’ve struck the motherlode in your little slice of reality. It’s the perfect wave in Hawaii or the Jersey Shore as long as it lasts. A moment of grace in the chaos.

Of course, I’m not the only one that m will find today.

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Rich: Nothing ever works out.

Really Rich: Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place?

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