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The Weekly Tone

I’ve been secretly building for months—deploying hundreds of hours into the planning and filming. Today, I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into my immersive "Entrepreneur's Field Guide" guided video course.

This is the college class I never had.

I want to break down some core components from the lectures here for free in today's Journal.

I’ve tailored this course to help cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset, assisting you in realizing your business dreams…today, not tomorrow.

First, let’s decode “opportunity”. Most instructors and content creators get this dead wrong.

  • Contrary to its glamorous vibes, fast cash schemes, and ubiquitous fads are not real opportunities (think altcoins, NFTs, and flipping)

  • The genuine opportunity comes in the form of problems that resonate with you personally and that you're keen to solve, basically, where you're the only missing piece in the puzzle

  • Get this wrong and waste years of your life

Understanding yourself is the next step in our trek. Here’s why YOU’RE the key to your own success:

  • Your uniqueness is your winning card in the entrepreneurial world - you don’t need to compete when you’re unique in a “market of one”

  • In the course, I delve into exhaustive self-exploration approaches such as revisiting childhood interests, consulting your inner circle, taking personality tests and visualizing your ideal circumstances - you can do this now

  • You already have the answers - you’ve just asked low-quality questions before

  • But remember, introspection should extend beyond simply asking, "What makes me unique?" to also examine your preferred communication modes and identifying real-life role models, for instance.

As a further point, your surrounding environment shapes you more than you realize. I urge you to broaden your horizons and confront your perspectives about cultures and geographies through travel, networking, and online research. Sometimes, changing your environment can be pivotal for your growth.

Most importantly, I’d like to introduce you to a strategic tool I call Futurecasting.

  • Your future should be your unique vision; if you haven't dreamt it, you'll likely be peddling someone else's

  • Practicing visualization or scripting your future can work wonders in clarifying your entrepreneurial path.

  • Once this is clear - you can pull information from it

The adventure into your inner world continues with constructive introspection. Delve deeper into understanding your emotions, powerful self-questioning, and making peace with trusting yourself.

The course even examines some controversial views in the business world. Particularly my view that you need to own something.

There are ten total modules in the course, so this is only a sneak peek at what’s in store.

When you’re ready, take the plunge and join us on this exploratory adventure into the heart of entrepreneurial success. Tap into your uniqueness, question the status quo, visualize your dream, and embrace your future self.

I’ll see you along the trail.

This week, I'm taking meetings in Chicago, IL.

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