Mistakes before mastery.

Failure isn't a side effect, it's an ingredient.

Hello again, Squad.

The Really Rich Journal

If you hit a wrong note, then make it right by what you play afterwards.

Joe Pass

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The Weekly Tone

In the true wisdom of Jimi Hendrix, "I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes." That's a magnificent freeze-frame of insight into the very anatomy of mastery.

Risking failure, be it in the chaotic symphony of Hendrix's solos or the fast-paced arena of the technology industry, is indispensable. It's gently disconcerting, like stepping onto an untouched beach, the crunch of sands of uncertainty echoing beneath your feet.

The harsh truth is, failure isn't just an occasional blip in your story, it's an essential ingredient for progress.

How else would we learn, adapt and evolve our strategies if we weren't so brutally conscious of what doesn't work?

If you were to look back at the most successful people in history, you'd find a portfolio of failures larger than your current success rate. That's the unpopular, unedited version they hide behind the Photoshopped magazine covers and studio lighting.

Playing at the edge is where the magic happens.

Think about it, clutching at the familiar and playing it safe could certainly guarantee you a spot in the middle of the pack. But, would that ever really satisfy you?

I think not.

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Rich: Watch your every step.

Really Rich: Play loose.

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