Mondays are the New Sundays

Meet the non-linear workweek

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The Weekly Tone

Ever looked at the calendar and for a moment, mistaken Sunday for a Monday, or Wednesday for a Saturday?

Welcome to the unconventional world of the entrepreneur’s workweek.

In traditional work environments, the drum beat of the 9-5, Monday to Friday rhythm plays on. Weekends are sacred periods of downtime, and a late-night email is considered an intrusion.

However, for entrepreneurs, such norms really have no place.

Here, the term 'week' doesn't correlate with a five-day working roster. Rather, it’s an unrestricted, open-slate for us to carve out as we please (or likely, as is necessary).

I like to describe us as multi-time-zone jugglers.

While the concept of linear work days has its strengths, I prefer to play in the fluid, unpredictable landscape that entrepreneurship offers. Work for me can come in sprints, at varying hours of the day or night, without exclusivity to the standard workweek.

Of course, this newfound liberation isn’t all rosy.

Our oddball work pattern can be isolating. Friends and loved ones are often in-sync with the traditional workweek, creating a distinct mismatch between my schedule and theirs. It can feel like my Sundays are their Mondays and my Tuesdays, their Saturdays.

This can lead to an solitude that, if not carefully managed, can be detrimental. Ouch.

The solution?

I try to be open about my manic work patterns, preparing them to better understand and support my journey—otherwise, you’ll be perceived as well, a bit odd.

Use downtime to focus and strategize, adopting alternate methods of maintaining relationships on the social and professional frontiers.

Rest whenever you can.

This might be on a day that many find unusual.

You may work on Thanksgiving (I’m a little early for this reference, I know, but I’ve been there) and take a break on the following Wednesday to eat cold turkey.

Don’t be disheartened by an unconventional workweek. Embrace it, shift it, rework it to your own preferences, keeping in mind the enormous potential that lies within its fluid structure.

After all, we’re entrepreneurs - crafting solutions is what we do.

Happy scheduling, and remember: this Monday could be your Sunday.

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I walked into Porsche off the street - no connections, no warm introductions. Due to the rarity of certain models - you can’t buy them new right from the dealership without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over list price. If you have a relationship, you get access to these models at a later date for far lower prices (called MSRP, or the manufacturers suggested retail price).

Here's how I opted to build my relationship:

  1. Approach with kindness, humor, and curiosity

  2. Buy a limited-production, low-mile (used) car a few years old that will hold it's value to establish buying record/history with manufacturer

  3. Find creative ways to demonstrate interest in brand and support dealer for their customer service (referring a friend is easy, so is leaving a Google review)

  4. Build a model directly from factory later in relationship, rather than pay hundreds of thousands over MSRP to get a new car out of the gate

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