The Hot/Cold Game.

Become a heat-seeker.

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The Weekly Tone

Warm, warmer, cold, okay now you’re burning, on fire…

Did you ever play this game as a kid? You choose a mystery object and have a friend hunt around for it — maybe it’s a specific book in your classroom, a key on the shelf, or a funny-shaped rock outside on the playground.

This game, like all the OG childhood games, is great because it’s:

  • Free to play (no fancy equipment required; I’m pointing at you, hockey)

  • Helps you learn communication skills and spatial awareness

  • Is actually fun

Now, I’m a guy who leans heavily on my intellect and rationality. This is a great skill to hone. But it’s a funny thing - if you’re solving the wrong problems or things you don’t actually care about it doesn’t matter how rational you are. You won’t excel. In other words, you’re using your fancy footwork to play the wrong game.

And when you win the wrong game, you…well, lose.

To use a simple example: why would you be grinding through a legal conundrum from a client, burning the midnight oil in your overpriced New York apartment, if you’d rather be a cake decorator?

Okay - so how do you know if you’re solving the right stuff? It’s never quite as cut and dry (fluffy and delicious?) as the previous example.

It’s time to bust out the Hot/Cold game with yourself - as the seeker and helper. How’s that possible?

  • Throw your fancy logic and book smarts out the window

  • Start listening to how you feel when you approach a task

  • Decide on a scale from 1-10 how enthusiastic and interested you are in said task

  • Stop doing anything below “5” (or automate/outsource)

  • Determine a new direction to head to feel more enthusiastic

  • Work hard on that new challenge

  • Optional: feel free to use logic now around “why” you didn’t like the thing you abandoned after the fact

Emotions are funny - they don’t make much “sense” at first but are rarely, if ever, totally wrong, or lacking precious information.

If you hate your job it’s not because you’re “low in team spirit” or “lacking discipline” it’s because you’re in the wrong job. If you’ve spent a year building something you hate entrepreneurial, it “won’t get better with time” — you just learned now with hands-on experience that this thing isn’t what you thought it was from the get-go. Move on.

Start listening to how you feel.

The game of Hot/Cold is most definitely not just for the elementary school playground.

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