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Why I'm in cash. Retro is back.

Hello again, Squad.

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The Weekly Tone

There's a strange impulse that I get.

It generally hits at 30-day intervals. To board a flight to basically anywhere.

The criteria is usually: I haven't been there, the food is good, and I can fly direct. Of course, this cliche way of escapism is costly last-minute, time-consuming, and actually can increase your level of fatigue when planned the wrong way.

As it turns out, you actually want to make travel decisions when you're clearheaded - far in advance. Now, I book a trip every month before I get stressed, for the right reasons.

There's an old phrase, "Wherever you go, there you are." You can't outrun your stress, your demons, your unfinished business. I have to remind myself that travel isn't a panacea.

Instead, I spent money on a good ribeye (medium rare), slept in, and wrote this Journal.

I'll be taking brand partner & investor meetings in New York this week.

Global Markets

The mixed signals in the marketplace - including the unsure future for the regs around crypto has me sitting (mostly) in cash and eating the inflation rate.


I'm in a unique position with a relatively large IRR (internal rate of return) - it makes more sense for me to invest in various social media projects than to find yield in public markets. Even if I wasn't a digital creator, I can't find yield in stocks, bonds, or any measured risk in crypto (yet).

This isn't just for TikTokers, I believe you have a higher IRR than stocks too - what's your side hustle? When's the last time you upskilled yourself.

The smartest people I know can't seem to tell me a clear strategy beyond averaging into a long-term equity position (buying equities cheap, and buying more as they get cheaper).

I'd be starting a new company right now and keeping my powder dry. Wait, I am starting a new company right now.

Holdings: Cash ($USD), S&P500 (small), REITs

Bullish: Residential real estate, collectibles, vintage American sports cars, Rolex Daytonas (purchased at MSRP), and crude oil

Neutral: US Equities

Bearish: UST Bonds, Euro Equities

Interests & Insights

I'm extremely interested in consumer trends and have a somewhat 6th sense for changing tides in preferences.

I find myself incredibly interested in 80's style, fashion, cars, etc. But it's not just me, the iconic Lamborghini Countach is now selling for record prices. I believe there is good reason for this phenomenon aside from inflation.

The austerity of lockdown "era" policy and behavior is ricocheting with a vengeance. Despite inflation and market wreckage, consumers are still spending.

The 80's were a time of free-spending, wild social behavior, loud dressing, and commercial art - this "retro" behavior is hot again.

And of course, nostalgia for prosperity - a la Gordon Gekko.

The only problem is - I don't believe consumers actually have the money - but, alas, this is America with easy credit.

Prediction: continued boom in fractional ownership, digital nomading, renting, homeshare, buy now pay later tech, and the gig economy to make ends meet.


I generally read to learn in two parallels: general mindset and timely learning around a skill.

Last week, I noticed a bout of negative thinking after hitting a major milestone - let's reduce "negative thinking" to fear. It's not an empowering habit, I deserve my success and so do you.

So, I called upon Napoleon Hill, again, for a little help.


In my 20's I wore suits in New York. Every day. It felt good. Then, it felt ridiculous when I left Wall Street to start my first business, living out of a suitcase. I adopted the jeans and sneakers look that seemed to blend in better in Mexico City or Miami.

However, I'm getting older.

If you've tuned into any of my livestreams, you'll know I'm a proponent of uniform dressing. Wondering what you're going to wear every day for 15 minutes is a massive waste of time and energy.

My uniform is becoming more tailored - I'm on camera more and more and my first impressions are becoming quantifiable in dollars and cents.

As such, I've chosen a white button-down shirt and colorful, tailored linen pants for the summer uniform. I've purchased 5 pairs of each.

I suggest you find your uniform and buy it by the season.

You'll have more time to think and you may even make more money with that time.

Prediction: I'm not the only one bored with jeans and a tee shirt.

Fun & Entertainment

I listen to the blues. And this is a good moment for the blues. If you're not already, you should be supporting your favorite artists by attending their shows, buying their merch (especially limited edition posters/collectibles), and supporting them on social media.

My favorite band is The Black Keys and they're on tour again.

I'll be flying to various points on their tour and buying posters (which I frame for my office and home). I get a ton of enjoyment out of my fandom for bands.

Suggestion: Decide that you like something and take an active role in enjoying it.

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