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Where you live will determine how successful you become.

No, it’s not about living in the sexiest, most plugged-in city on the internet’s latest Top 10 List—the tech hubs or the nightlife capitals. It's about choosing an environment that’s right for you.

Oh, and no one can tell you where or what that place is—including moi. It’s up to you to uncover.

We’ve all heard a variation on the line, “You’re the average of your five closest friends.” Sure, but I think you’re the product of your city (or town or whatever you like to call it).

If your city has a forward thinking recycling program, you’ll probably be more mindful about recycling. If your city runs to the rhythms of the financial markets, it will be in your pulse whether you like it (or realize it) or not. If they’re mountains, chances are you’d be more willing to give hiking a shot.

To this day, I still pace around my desk like a trader and I haven’t lived in New York in years. This stuff sticks.

But, what happens when your city runs counter to your goals?

After I left my job on Wall Street, I headed to New Orleans to surround myself with the best musicians in the world and immerse myself in one of my major passions—delta blues. I was in a musical paradise. I became the best musician I could have possibly become there. I still listen to my albums and say, “How the hell did I pull off that solo?”

But, when my band broke up and I began my first crude attempt at building a businesses, opening up shop a few blocks from Bourbon Street soon proved to be an uphill battle.

Sure, I could have stayed put. But why make it harder to succeed than it already is? Use your environment to your advantage.

Years later, I still run through this process and audit my environment regularly.

My Environment Audit is a series of questions:

  1. What am I trying to accomplish now? Make a list. (This has evolved from last year)

  2. What do I need to accomplish these things? Make a list.

  3. Does my current environment provide these things? Tick off the above list.

  4. Is there another place or environment that would better provide (or provide more of) the things I need?

  5. Am I getting value for money from where I live and spend my time?

  6. How are my social and family relationships in this place? Is my free time spent well and enjoyed?

Interestingly, many found themselves changing environments without changing cities during Covid lockdowns. And it was an upgrade.

Work-from-home is no small moment in history, because eliminating a two-hour daily commute is like receiving a gift from the heavens in terms of productivity and happiness for many.

If you find yourself never wanting to commute to an office again, I suggest finding a way to never commute to an office again.

Don’t bend to the wrong environment.

Personally, I’ve chosen to build our podcast studio in Chicago, rather than Miami, where high-quality (and attractive) office space is readily available at reasonable rates. Not to mention, enormous amounts of young, smart talent graduating every year from the local top universities.

This major decision was a product of my Environment Audit that I believe will turbo-boost the growth of my businesses.

Walking through this process is critical!

You may be living hampered by an environmental factor right now and not even realize it.

This week, I'm taking meetings in Chicago, IL.


Rich: What is uncertain is to be feared.

Really Rich: Embrace uncertainty, live with the fear.

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