How to Go Viral in 30 Days.

Yes, anyone can do it.

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Understand: you are one of a kind. Your character traits are a kind of chemical mix that will never be repeated in history. There are ideas unique to you, a specific rhythm and perspective that are your strengths, not your weaknesses. You must not be afraid of your uniqueness and you must care less and less what people think of you.

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Buongiorno dear readership.

Have you ever wanted to get a bunch more eyeballs on your talent or business?

I figured I’d share a bit about how I generated over a billion (with a “b”) views on the internet. Mostly because I think anyone can do it for free from their living room.

Or the kitchen, as I did.

The concept of "going viral" has become a mythical beast assumed to be attainable by only a select few of the Chosen Ones. And even once they find the unicorn in the mist, it can’t be replicated.

Yea, right.

Why are some able to predictably create virality again and again? That means there must be an underlying model powering their success. What is the real key to going viral?

For me, it's what I call "specific knowledge."

That is, you know something about a particular topic better than anyone else. It could be a music genre, a perspective, a type of cooking, a particular fashion trend, or anything that you have deep expertise in. It could even be a particular way of communicating or storytelling. Just think about Theo Von’s eccentric worldview—he build his massive audience entirely online.

Combine specific knowledge with iteration (trying lots of things and narrowing down what works), and you have yourself an incredible edge in going viral. An edge that, if you follow the steps below, starts to look like a guarantee over time.

So how do you use specific knowledge to go viral in 30 days? This is exactly what I did to create the Rich vs. Really Rich series:

  1. Come up with a list of your specific knowledge, interesting perspective, or interests

  2. Determine if there are ways to combine these interests in interesting ways (the alpine skiing hip hop artist?)

  3. Build a “bank” of different topics to post about leaning on steps 1 and 2 (“why skiing sucks without headphones”)

  4. Create or record one post every day for 30 days - unemotionally rotating through ideas

  5. Don't worry about viral trends--focus on your unique perspective instead.

  6. Try a variety of deliveries for same topic (comical, serious, ranting, etc.)

  7. Once you find the post that gets the most views, double down on it and keep creating more content around that topic and style of delivery

Oddly enough, I have noticed that two of my friends are now viral creators via osmosis of hearing me yap all day about this equation.

Coincidence? I think not.

For example, a surgeon friend of mine (shoutout to Dr. Max) recently tried this method and has seen unbelievable success, as queasy as some of his medical posts make me.

He started by focusing on his specific knowledge of different medical topics, then experimented with different delivery styles such as educational videos, comedic styles, and reaction videos. He also took advantage of the different social media platforms to get his content out there, and within a month or so had started to grow a massive audience.

So if you want to go viral in 30 days, the key is to focus on your specific knowledge and experiment with different delivery styles until you find one that resonates with your audience.

It can be done, you just need to put in the reps.

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Rich: Settle for the certain.

Really Rich: Forgo what is certain for what is best.

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