Double Down on Being Yourself.

There's no stage too big for you.

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Under pressure, you have no choice but to be yourself.


Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam

The Weekly Tone

This weekend, I pulled-up to a small, Spanish revival home in the winding roads of the Hollywood hills. The corners of the home were crumbling, exposing the underlying brick, and beyond that, it needed a serious paint job, turning almost gray from disrepair.

My Uber driver asked hesitantly, "Is this it?"

I thought, no way, craning my neck to find the entrance to the supermansion I knew I was shooting in today.

Then, like a scene from a James Bond movie, a wall opened on the side of the freaking mountain. This was it.

I looked down. I remembered to wear pants. So far, so good.

My pulse quickened, as I considered the episode I was about to film. I thought, it's time to double down on being myself.

When I approach big moments, it's easy to get caught up in what everyone else wants me to be — the perfect presenter, the most successful entrepreneur, the most knowledgeable expert, the most handsome man on TikTok (ok, this one is true) — but these are illusions.

I'm just a guy trying to figure it out like everyone else.

Let me share what I thought as I pulled through the gate:

There's only one person up there on the stage — you. And you're there to share your unique story with the world and let it shine through you. Don't try to be someone else — don't try to be perfect. They're just looking for someone to tell them something they haven't heard before, something that will stick with them after they leave — something that will make them remember you.

You don't need to be perfect; you just need to be yourself. That's all anyone is looking for.

Let's zoom away from Los Angeles and head towards whatever you're working on right now.

When you hit the stage for your big moment (an interview, an important presentation, a best man speech, a billion-dollar exit), and it will happen, double down on being yourself — because that's what will make you stand out from the crowd. That's what will make people remember you. And that's what will make your story a success.

My conversation with Tom Bilyeu will be released in two weeks.

This week, I'm taking meetings in Miami, Fl.


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