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The Weekly Tone

This past week, I've noticed that my growth (personal and financial) has been drastically turbo-boosted by doing a lot more fun stuff and less "work".

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The trick here is that what's fun to you, may be considered torture to another. Usually you get paid for these things you have a knack for: building software, public speaking, mixed martial arts, competitive baking, the list goes on...

Easy for you, hard for me, take my money.

Let me illustrate...

Upon mentioning my podcast filming schedule to a friend over the weekend engendered this response, "I'd rather jump off a bridge than fly around the country and talk to strangers for an hour." Of course, they're referring to The Really Rich Podcast (or here for Apple Podcasts), which is now a top 30 Entrepreneurship pod in the US, by the way.

The podcast is a joy for me to film and for listeners to listen-in, but (clearly) not everyone would jump (no pun intended) at the opportunity to produce this show on their own.

Oh, and imagine knowing your superpower and super-weaknesses so you can build a powerhouse team.

If you have to do something that you consider your worst nightmare (taxes, anyone?) hire a pro that has lucid dreams about balance sheets. Then, watch your productivity scale.

In fact, this topic is addressed colorfully in my chat with Habib Bakshi (linked below) on The Really Rich Podcast.

We all have a version of this magical talent inside us - what's yours?

This week, I'm taking meetings in Miami, Fl.


Rich: Buy the next Supreme drop.

Really Rich: Buy back your time.

This Week On The Really Rich Podcast

In episode 13 of The Really Rich Podcast, I sit down with Founder & CEO, Habib Bakshi, of Sky Diamond Elite. Habib has built a multimillion-dollar agency with some of the largest fashion brands on the planet, built on empathy and trust. His notable "Habib in a Box" virtual presentation won enormous growth during the Pandemic when other agencies were shrinking and even disappearing. Learn more about Habib's agency here.

Podcast available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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